About Us

Who We Are

I grew up carrying a pocket knife since I got my first knife at age six and have collected knives ever since.  This always seemed natural since I spent much of my time outdoors.  I climbed my first real mountain at 9 and have climbed many of the Cascades Mountains including Mt. Hood, Adams & Rainer.  I also did lots of backpacking, hiking, rafting and fishing in my youth and after college I started hunting and surf kayaking.   Making knives came naturally as I have always worked with my hands from a cabinet shop to construction and as a home builder I was confronted daily with the need for sharp tools.  This has led to many opportunities to use knives and to develop designs that reflect the function driven aspects I feel are important.

Over the years I have done many modifications to knives, hawks and machetes and built knives as a hobby for a while.  I am largely self-taught and in 2008 I started making knives professionally.  Initially I became known for my fixed blades and chopping blades but in 2009 I began making folders and went fulltime knifemaking in January of 2011.  I have never looked back.