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How do I find out more about your knives?

This website is a good place to start. As I have made many models over the years we have tried to provide a resource here for collectors to use to identify models and information. In general my knives are one offs, though I have done projects with TAD and other projects where sets or a group of similar knives were made. Additionally I am on Instagram and Facebook as well as on the USN (Usual Suspects Network – knife forum). Many dealers also carry my knives so pictures and information is available there.

Do you do any shows? Which ones?

Currently I plan to regularly attend these shows:

  • TKI (Tactical Knives Invitational) Los Vegas, NV end of January
  • NorthWest Handbuilt Invitational, Portland, OR early July
  • The Gathering (USN), Los Vegas, NV Friday & Saturday of Labor Day Weekend
  • Blade Show West, Portland, OR early October

How does your list work, how do I get on it & how long is the wait?

My order list is closed and I am not accepting orders. The list is likely to remain closed for the foreseeable future. I have several years of backlogged orders.

How do I get one of your knives?

There are several ways to get one of my knives attending one of the shows I exhibit at is one way. Also you can purchase one of my knives from a dealer or collector on the secondary market. Also, watch the web especially around the late summer and fall of 2018 for limited runs of custom eccentric knife offers

– What is the best way to maintain a custom knives such as yours?

In generally any knife collector needs to develop a way to keep there knives sharp if they are used. There are many systems that work well out there now. Flat stones take a commitment to practice but are very effective. Additionally there are numerous sharpening systems available, some better than others, do your homework and learn how to use the system you chose. When it is hair popping sharp you are probably good to go. 🙂 Also be sure to coat your blade periodically with highly refined or synthetic gun oil like Rem Oil, Hoppe’s No.9 or Ballistol. This is especially true for High Carbon steels and Damascus steels as well as dark etched blades. Handles are a bit different and depend on the specific materials. Metals and layered titanium like Timascus or Mokuti stuff are best cleaned with a little hot water or windex applied to a rag. Most others materials including carbon fiber and natural materials are best with a little Renaissance Wax or something similar.

Food prep knives are a special case and should use a food grade wax or oil. My preference is Elemental Forge Wood Wax, made by someone I know and trust here: http://elementalforge.com/gallery/

Do you do refurb, alterations or ‘spa’ work?

No I do not modify existing knives. The knives I make were made for a specific situation and time. Additionally knives are a tool to be used and I hope they are. Modifications and Spa treatments are very time consuming and are simply not cost effective for anyone involved. Remember if you have someone make modifications to one of my knives it voids any warranty.

Do you warranty your knives?

If you ever have mechanical issues or something fails during regular use I’ll fix it. If the knife has been taken apart or modifications have been made this changes things. I will know right away upon inspection if a knife has been taken apart or modified. This will void any warranty as it alters the way the knife functions and I warranty my work and am happy to stand behind that. I can not warranty the work of others. If you have questions regarding warranty work please contact me.

Can I get a Shop tour?

I do not do shop tours. I live in a small town that is very sensitive about business in residential areas and I want to respect that in order to maintain my business license and the respect and good will of my neighbors.

How do you make your knives?

I have personally designed and entered into CAD my models. Then most of my liners, frames and blades are waterjet cut this save some time establishing parts and provides a superior functioning lockbar cut. On my full customs I still personally mill the relief and cut lockbars free and face each lockbar individually. All blades are ground individually held by my hands with NO JIGS. All parts, handles and blades are profiled and shaped by me by hand primarily on one of my grinders. I do you use a manual milling machine on many parts. Final finishes on almost all parts are done by hand with sand papers or similar type abrasives.

What blade steels do you use or recommend?

I like power stainless steels for obvious reasons. I have lived all my life in Oregon. Here in the Northwest a Carbon or D2 blade will rust in one day out hunting in a true rainforest. Just a fact of life when the rain comes down in sheets there is no rain gear on earth short of going inside the house that will keep you and your gear dry here. That said I dig damascus and hamons too so for the right knife they are great too. Consider you intended task. If you are going for a user or EDC then S35VN, RWL-34, CPM154 or maybe an AEB-L or Nitro V. If you are looking for a looker then consider other options like Damascus.